UATAQ Services

U-ATAQ offers the use of its Mobile Atmospheric Laboratory service for on-campus users in all departments at the University of Utah. This vehicle can be used for mobile or stationary measurement of CO2, CH4, H2O, PM2.5, O3, NO, NO2, meteorological conditions as well as atmospheric flask collections. Equipment owned by the user can also be incorporated in the vehicle during rental to complement the existing measurement suite. Geo-located and calibrated datasets will be provided as the final product. Fees are determined as a combined per mile and per day use. A valid drivers license and the completion of the State of Utah’s driver training program required to rent the Mobile Atmospheric Lab. For rental scheduling or questions contact Ryan Bares at or at (435) 881-5638

Service University daily rate University mileage rate
Mobile lab rental $96.64 $0.15


“Climate change is one of the most pressing and difficult issues of our time, and we are committed to doing our part to respond to it through research, teaching, and operations at the University of Utah” - University of Utah President David W. Pershing and Board of Trustees

The Utah Atmospheric Trace Gas & Air Quality (UATAQ) lab was started in 2013 as a joint effort between the Global Change and Sustainability Center, the Department of Biology and the Department of Atmospheric Science. The mission of the lab is to collect and analyze long term, high frequency, high precision, and spatially variable trace gas and air quality data with the aim of understanding the spatial distribution and long term trends throughout Salt Lake Valley and Northern Utah. Building on the work of one of the founding members, Dr. Jim Ehleringer, the lab has been responsible for improving and expanding existing networks of instrumentation, developing and implementing new networks with different aims, and building an on campus facility for research, development, and student outreach. UATAQ specializes in the long term measurement of both mobile and in-situ trace gas and criteria pollutants. Our data is calibrated to international standards and we possess numerous years of experience in collecting trace gas data, including one of the longest continuous urban CO2 records in the nation.

Research Information

AGU Fall 2015 Presentations
Mobile pollutant measurement platforms (Fasoli), High resolution emissions model comparisons (Mendoza)
Land-Atmosphere Interactions Research (LAIR) group home


Ben Fasoli
Student Director

Ryan Bares
UATAQ Lab Manager

John C. Lin
Associate Professor, Atmospheric Sciences

David Bowling
Associate Professor, Biology

James Ehleringer
Distinguished Professor, Biology


Funding sources for the lab include the Department of Energy, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the Global Change and Sustainability Center, and the Sustainable Campus Initative at the University of Utah.